Creating a Sober World

Creating a Sober World is Context for Communication

in which Sobriety as a Global Reality is

an Idea Whose Time has Come.

In August, 1908, Frank Buchman sat down in a little church in Keswick* England and heard Mrs. Jessie Penn-Lewis preach a message that changed him and continues to change all of us.

Here is the message Frank Buchman heard on that Sunday afternoon in August of 1908.

We need a 'fixed point', which acts as a center and a goal, and that 'point' in the history of the world—back to the ages before it, and forward to the ages following—it is the Cross of Calvary. It is the central pivot of the dealing of God with the universe in every aspect. It is because we Christians get away from the 'fixed point' of the Cross that we wander into all kinds of cul-de-sac places, where we lose the balance and right perspective of truth.

We must therefore be brought by the Holy Spirit to the place where we realize that we have nothing in us that can be ‘improved,’ and be willing to come to that Cross, and to say “when He went to Calvary, He took the sinner too.” Oh defeated child of God, take the simple fact of faith in His words, that you died with Christ upon His Cross; that you were baptized ‘into His death’—put right into Him, and buried out of sight—and there leave yourself, reckoning that you have died unto sin, and as far as you are concerned, have finished with it. Then reckon upon union with Him in resurrection; that you have in Him a new life. If we would put it briefly, we might say that when you take the attitude, or place of death, God undertakes to put into you all that He wants out of you. What a gospel for the people! Let us give it to them. It is truly a gospel of glad tidings—the Cross—the place of victory over sin as well as the place of reconciliation with God.

Fifty-one years later Frank recalls this day...

It produced in me a vibrant feeling, as though a strong current of life had suddenly been poured into me and afterwards a dazed sense of a great spiritual shaking-up. There was no longer this feeling of a divided will, no sense of calculation and argument, of oppression and helplessness: a wave of strong emotion, following the will to surrender, rose up within me…and seemed to lift my soul from its anchorage of selfishness, bearing it across the great sundering abyss to the foot of the Cross

That message and Frank's methods would forever change Bill Wilson

… for one brief moment, my proud obstinacy left me, and I found myself crying out, more in anger than in pain, I think, ‘If there is a God, let him show himself to me; I will do anything, anything. Let him show himself to me.’ “The room lit up in an intense white light and I was caught up in an ecstasy that words cannot describe. “In my mind’s eye, it was if I were on a mountaintop and a wind, not of air, but of spirit flowed through my body, and it burst upon me that I was a free man. The obsession to drink left me. That obsession that absolutely pervaded my total being left me. “Eventually the ecstasy subsided and now I found myself back in that hospital bed, but this time, surrounded by a presence, a presence of pure joy. And I realized that I, this number one man, that I was a part, if even only a tiny part, of a universe ruled in justice by a loving compas-sionate personal God; and all I could say was, ‘So this is the God of the preachers. This is what they’ve been talking about all these years.’

We are passing it on. We are Creating a Sober World

Together, we will never feel lonely or lost. Together we are bringing forth a new creation - a sober, sanctified world.

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