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These books provide the complete background for

the Creating a Sober World Conversation

Absolutely Sober: A History Principles And Practice of The Destruction of Self-Centered-ness
Nothing: A Sober Discussion of Being and Non-Being

This Book tells the story of the Oxford Group Founder, Frank Buchman's encounter with the Cross of Christ at the English Keswick Convention of 1908

Bill Wilson admitted to being nothing on page 13 of AA's Big Book. Other Spiritual realizers have come to know their own nothingness. Here you will come to know all there is to know about Nothing.

Hitting Bottom In

Underearners Anonymous

Creating a Sober World

A First-Century Apostolic Church

for the Twenty-First

You could be addicted to under-being or under-earning. If you are, you will need to hit bottom. This book explains how you do that.

Frank Buchman Apostle to the 20th century

Andrew D. Founder of Underearners Anonymous (UA)

Jessie Penn-Lewis
John Nelson Darby

More Books on AA History

Our Creating a Sober World Member is encouraged to read all AA Approved Book and all of Dick B's History of AA